Thick Gains Booty Balm Directions

PLEASE use daily… It is best to keep Booty Balm by something you put on or use everyday. Cell phone, smart watch, earrings, make - up etc.

So you don’t forget.

If you miss a day you start back at day one.

Directions: Rub on areas to grow, smooth and reduce cellulite at the same time. Thighs / Butt  …

This product contains fatty acids derived from nuts, shellfish and honey…  Please do not use if you are allergic to nut by products , shellfish or honey.



Ingredients : Dong Quai, Soy Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Fenugreek, Manuka Honey, Ricinus Communis,  Rosemary Oil, Maca, Pueraria Mirifica, Wild Yam, Aguaje.

**Proprietary Blend of natural herbs and oil**