Black Maca Review - My Experience

I started taking Gelatinized Black Maca for hormonal imbalance during that time of the month... I usually get REALLY bad cramps and my brain goes into a fog about a week before it happens. SORRY for the TMI.

 I absolutely REFUSE to be prescribed any type of medication.

(I buy Motrin 300 count from Sam's Club)

So I decided to give Gelatinized Black Maca a try since I have read that it ALSO helps with hormonal imbalance.

My personal body goals are to increase and KEEP my curves while staying toned...

 I went walking and rollerblading for 3 weeks straight once and I went down 1 bra cup size. 

I noticed when I tried to put my cell phone in my bra strap and my phone fell out because I was smaller.

Ive been afraid to work out regularly since then because I DONT want to lose my boobs / thighs.

I now take Black Maca to KEEP my weight on and stay TONED.

For me Black Maca was a win / win due to its many benefits.

I took 1 capsule daily. I have also taken Black Maca by drinking water then separating the capsule and pouring the powder in my mouth then swallowing with water.

(It has a earthy / nutty taste to it, its not too bad. You can drink it with a flavored drink to mask it) 

If you empty the capsule in your drink/ water bottle the powder stays on the walls of your cup  / bottle and you DONT get the full dosage / effect.

UNLESS you refill your bottle shake and drink to make sure you get ALL the powder.

1-3 Days - My Black Maca Experience

I noticed a BURST of energy and more clarity. ESPECIALLY when taken in the morning after a solid meal. I took one Gelatinized Black Maca Pill after eating half a Turkey Wrap from Publix for breakfast, by the time I was at Walmart I was pacing through the aisles.

3 - 4 Days - My Black Maca Experience

Black Maca DEFINITELY helped with my hormonal imbalance as far as energy and not feeling ANY dreadful cramps before my period. I usually get SUPER bloated/ low self esteem right before but with Black Maca my shape looked a LOT sexier and LESS like a balloon ready to pop. I also noticed that usually my energy is on low, I'm slow sluggish and tired. BUT after taking Black Maca it was business as usual. I LOVED THAT.

If you are a busy Mom, college student or career woman Black Maca is a MUST have to stay on the go...

5 - 6 Days - My Black Maca Experience

I worked out for 1 week straight while taking Black Maca and wearing a waist trainer while using Slim Thick Balm on my tummy and back.

(OMG IT WAS A INFERNO on my tummy)..

I thought I would lose pounds but to my surprise I ended up more toned with more muscle and the SAME WEIGHT. Which is EXACTLY what I wanted.

My back fat disappeared and my figure was more svelte. My breasts cup size stayed the same but my tummy was more flatter. I was so happy.