Hair Vitamins for African American / Black Womens Hair growth

Your Hair is the CROWN you NEVER take off. INVEST in IT !


Even if you cant afford / don't want to buy Thick Gains BIOTIN BOOST. We recommend that you drink LOTS OF WATER ! Hair needs water to grow the same way a plant needs to be watered so that it can FLOURISH. Biotin BOOST combined with lots of water helps accelerate hair growth and strengthens your hair from the inside out.

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Hair vitamins / hair growth supplements are ESSENTIAL to maintaining healthy hair & accelerating hair growth for ALL African American hair types.

With the proliferation of junk food, bad nutrition choices, it is of utmost importance to take supplements to replace the loss / lack of nutrients that are needed for full thick healthy hair growth.

Improper care of wigs and weaves only add to hair breakage, alopecia, lack of length and stunting of growth.

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Keyword "improper care". You can STILL grow your hair with the use of wigs and weaves but if they are not taken care of in a timely / proper manner they can lead to all types of problems for your hair. If you are looking to grow thicker longer healthier hair we recommend Biotin Boost and silk scrunchie combo in pink.

Silk  Scrunchie combined with DAILY uninterrupted use of Biotin Boost will encourage growth and guard against hair breakage.