Biotin Boost Hair Pills Combo

Biotin Boost Hair Pills Combo

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Biotin BOOST by Thick Gains  was specially formulated as a thick and full hair vitamin.

You get 2 BOTTLES...

Biotin BOOST is perfect if you are
  • Looking to prepare / repair bleached or dyed hair
  • Going on a natural hair transformation
  • If you have relaxed hair and are going for LENGTH 
  • If your ponytail isn't as "full" as it used to beIf you're trying to re-grow patches of hair / edges
For FASTER results drink LOTS of water while taking Biotin BOOST and massage your scalp before you go to bed. (Dehydration can cause hair thinning)
This is not your "basic" hair, skin and nails vitamin.
Simply take 2 Biotin BOOST hair vitamins per day with an 8 oz glass of water or juice.
There are enough pills for 30 days