"Slim Thick Body" Cream
"Slim Thick Body" Cream
"Slim Thick Body" Cream

"Slim Thick Body" Cream

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 Product shown below is when we first released our cream. We have increased the size of our jar by 25%

Slim Thick Body Skin Elasticity cream has over 10 all natural extracts proven to elasticize skin and promote growth at the same time. You will feel like you have an extra layer of skin while the natural extracts help induce blood flow and growth.

My Mother uses this on the back of her thighs to smooth them out. The viscosity of this cream is ULTRA hydrating / NON-greasy and doesn't contain petroleum jelly, shea butter or coconut butter.

Slim Thick Body Cream does not contain any harmful ingredients or preservatives.

Get started on your summer body goals TODAY...


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